Plan Tracker keep it local with Adelaide customer photoshoot

Plan Tracker's Marketing Strategy is putting real NDIS participants at its heart, with incredible images of NDIS participants now taking centre stage. Plan Tracker Keep it Local with Adelaide Customer Photoshoot. Plan Tracker's Local Area Marketing Strategy is putting real NDIS participants at its heart. At the end of March Plan Tracker Marketing Manager Kristin Whitney and Accounts Administrator Kelly Townsend spent three days in Adelaide capturing some wonderful images of Plan Tracker customers! The pictures form the basis of Plan Tracker's Local Area Marketing Strategy, showcasing iconic locations and using actual NDIS participants, rather than relying on stock imagery. To help bring this strategy to life, Plan Tracker are lucky to have their own in-house photographer, with Kelly taking a little time away from the Plan Tracker Accounts Team to work in her 'other' role as photographer and videographer at Ivy and Teo. Kristin believes that Kelly's experience with the NDIS is key to creating a relaxed and environment that produces these wonderfully authentic images. "Working with Plan Tracker means Kelly already has what it takes to work with people with disability - she already 'gets it' and is not just a photographer."


Published Fri, 06/10/2023 - 05:17

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