Maxxia wins big with VIC department of education and training

Maxxia clinches a massive contract with the Victoria Department of Education and Training, marking a significant milestone in their journey. Maxxia's commitment to making a difference extends to a monumental win: the Victoria Department of Education and Training (DET) contract. With 85,000 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees spread across 1,544 public schools and the Department of Education itself, this win is a testament to Maxxia's capabilities and reputation. Engaging a client of DET's stature required a comprehensive strategy and meticulous engagement process involving the tender and marketing teams, and various departments including Operations, Cyber Security, IT, Implementations, and Finance contributed to answer DET's extensive list of questions. Maxxia's differentiation factor shone through by demonstrating superior pricing and service levels compared to their predecessor, Smart Salary. Additionally, the benefit to the Victorian economy, given Maxxia's Melbourne headquarters, was highlighted. While established relationships usually aid in securing business, Maxxia's unique challenge was the absence of prior clients in Victorian Government departments. Nevertheless, their track record with education departments in other regions proved invaluable. The migration of 9,000 employees into the salary packaging system, along with 4,000 novated leases and 350 FBT free benefit packages, was a colossal undertaking. The DET migration is among the largest in Australia, requiring extensive effort from various colleagues. Maxxia's agreement with DET commenced on November 1, 2022, with a potential 9-year term. The implementation phase is nearly complete, with all packages operational in their systems. Maxxia aims to leverage this achievement to engage with other Victorian Government departments. Initial feedback from DET's migration team has been highly positive. The transition has been smooth, and Maxxia's bespoke website for DET is live, generating strong interest. Each of the 1,544 schools under DET's umbrella has received Maxxia collateral or in-person visits from dedicated relationship associates, further strengthening this monumental partnership.


Published Fri, 22/09/2023 - 05:50

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