Embracing the Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution

Interleasing, guided by their commitment to being the experts clients rely on, is embracing the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. As clients increasingly seek greener fleets, Interleasing is answering the call with tailored EV solutions. Understanding that each client's needs differ, Interleasing offers a comprehensive, bespoke solution. This includes evaluating existing fleets to determine suitable EV options, assessing infrastructure requirements such as home or on-site charging, and ensuring seamless charger installation with dynamic load balancing. They also consider the possibility of making chargers available to the public, handle vehicle sourcing and delivery, and coordinate finance packages and billing platforms. Let's take a glimpse into the EV journeys of three diverse Interleasing clients: Red Cross, University of Tasmania (UTAS), and Hefele. Red Cross: A loyal Interleasing client for nearly two decades, Red Cross has a robust sustainability strategy that involves integrating EVs into their 450-vehicle fleet. They currently operate seven "pool car" EVs for volunteers, employees serving regional areas, and staff test drives. Recognizing the significance of EV infrastructure, Interleasing has installed charging stations in Red Cross offices across Victoria, NSW, SA, and WA. University of Tasmania (UTAS): As an early adopter of EVs, UTAS, a six-year Interleasing client, is committed to electrifying their fleet. Approximately 10% of their 85 vehicles are already electric. To bolster their green credentials, UTAS has enlisted Interleasing to procure an additional 30 EVs as soon as they become available. A finance package for installing 18 chargers at UTAS offices in multiple locations is currently awaiting approval, with plans for installation completion by year-end. Hefele: German-owned Hefele, a high-end kitchen solutions provider, has rejoined forces with Interleasing to introduce several Teslas into their 120-vehicle fleet. Charging infrastructure has been strategically set up at Hefele's offices in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, and WA. Interleasing has partnered with EVSE Australia to facilitate the seamless deployment of EV infrastructure for each client. Interleasing's commitment to greener fleets aligns with MMS's overarching purpose: to make a difference in people's lives. By helping clients transition to EVs, they contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.


Published Fri, 22/09/2023 - 06:08

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