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Discover Fleet Insights by Interleasing - Your gateway to expert insights on fleet management, transitioning, and innovation. Explore now! Interleasing Enhances User Experience with Fleet Insights As part of its ongoing digital transformation journey, Interleasing, our trusted fleet management brand, has launched Fleet Insights. This revamped platform is designed to streamline the user experience while providing valuable resources for fleet managers. Interleasing Connect, a recent addition to their digital arsenal, has already improved access to Interleasing's connected services for fleet managers. Building on this success, Fleet Insights takes a fresh approach to their library of articles, guides, and resources accumulated over the years. The new platform offers an improved user experience with a redesigned homepage. Here, users can easily access a wealth of articles, videos, and marketing assets. These resources are thoughtfully organised into three main categories: fleet management, fleet transitioning, and fleet innovation, making navigation a breeze. Fleet Insights introduces several new features to enhance user engagement. Readers can now see the estimated reading time for articles, helping them manage their time more effectively. At the end of each blog post, related articles are suggested to encourage further exploration of relevant topics. For those eager to stay up-to-date with the latest insights, a new subscribe function has been integrated. This feature ensures that users receive notifications about new content and updates. Additionally, a prominent LinkedIn banner is displayed throughout the user journey, enabling easy sharing and networking opportunities. Jessica Chapman, Marketing Lead – B2B, highlights the significance of Fleet Insights: "Fleet Insights was built around our existing content, and now we have a well-designed home that makes our content even more impactful." This initiative underscores Interleasing's commitment to delivering valuable resources and a seamless user experience. Explore Fleet Insights and stay informed about the latest trends and insights in fleet management at


Published Fri, 22/09/2023 - 06:13

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