Maxxia Revs Up Advertising Strategy with 'Cool Cars' Integration

In a world bombarded by sales messages, Maxxia is shifting gears to engage audiences differently. Recognising the challenge of reaching customers amid a deluge of daily marketing, Maxxia recently embarked on a groundbreaking content integration initiative in collaboration with the 7 Network and major social media platforms.


"Traditional methods no longer resonate as they used to. This integration leverages targeted programming and influential figures to convey the Maxxia message in an engaging, non-conventional manner," explains Briony Cliffe, Head of Marketing.


Central to this integration is the creation of a brand-new show named Cool Cars co-hosted by AFL legend Dermott Brereton and local icon Elise Elliott, a car enthusiast and mom. "Dermy and Elise’s genuine connection with viewers and customers was a driving force. Their substantial social media following provided an opportunity to tap into an untapped market," says Briony.


Elise, with over 25,000 Instagram followers, brings an authentic and relatable perspective, while Dermy's AFL fame shines through his Instagram presence of nearly 14,000 followers.


To intertwine Maxxia's story, the creative team devised the ‘Drive in Five’ segment, ensuring informative yet engaging content within a five-minute timeframe. The scripts allowed the hosts to infuse their personalities, while adhering to legal parameters.


The shoot spanned Melbourne streets and car dealerships over four days, capturing the hosts' charismatic interactions with various vehicles. The resulting episodes aired on 7Mate from March 2023.


Briony emphasises Maxxia's dedication to innovating their approach: "Our novated offering continually evolves, and this venture is just the beginning of our dynamic lead-generating initiatives."


Check out the episodes on demand and Elise and Dermott's behind-the-scenes journey on Instagram. Stay tuned for more fresh takes on advertising as Maxxia continues to showcase the novated leasing experience through creative new mediums, blending entertainment with informative content.

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Published Tue, 10/10/2023 - 09:40

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