Maxxia Delivers Massive Benefit Upgrade to Cabrini Health

In an exceptional cross-functional collaboration marked by tight timelines, Maxxia, along with teams from the broader MMS Group, has successfully delivered a substantial salary packaging benefit upgrade to the employees of Cabrini Health, one of their esteemed clients.


Cabrini Health recently received a Private Tax Ruling from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), which has enabled them to enhance the salary packaging Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) capped threshold amount from $9,010 (Health) to $15,900 (Charity) for their workforce. This change empowers Cabrini Health staff to salary package an additional $6,890 per FBT year.


This substantial increase translates to potential tax savings of an impressive $4,080,000 for Cabrini employees. This financial advantage is especially noteworthy as Cabrini Health places strong emphasis on employee retention in the current competitive healthcare landscape and speaks directly to MMS’s purpose of making a difference to people’s lives.


Account Manager Julien Walter describes the primary challenge faced by the team - a tight timeline to execute the project. Initially, the start date was uncertain due to pending ATO approval for the cap increase, and it was subsequently rescheduled multiple times.


Given that over 3,000 Cabrini staff members stand to benefit from this cap increase, the communication aspect was intricate. The team had to develop five distinct communication strategies, each tailored to employees' unique salary packaging circumstances.


Furthermore, to accommodate the large number of staff members, Maxxia's digital and business systems professionals had to modify the existing platform, allowing customers to self-service.


Julien underscores how this project exemplifies Maxxia's core value of Better Together. He states, "This project brought together expertise and insights from various segments of the business, showcasing remarkable collaboration among all stakeholders. Weekly meetings were held to strategize, share progress, and determine the next steps."


Julien continues, "Every stakeholder involved took ownership of their part of the project, delivering their best to achieve an excellent outcome for our client, customers, and Maxxia as a whole."


Looking ahead, Julien mentions that several other clients are considering implementing similar changes, and preliminary planning has already commenced for these future initiatives. This project stands as a testament to Maxxia's dedication to enhancing the lives of its customers through innovative solutions and collaborative teamwork.

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Published Tue, 10/10/2023 - 09:30

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