Interleasing Revolutionises Metro Shift Worker’s Experience with Onsite Caravan Delivery

In a remarkable feat of innovation and client-centricity, Interleasing's commercial team has unveiled an onsite caravan and mobile office designed to elevate the working conditions of Metro Trains' dedicated employees.


Months of meticulous planning and execution have culminated in a solution that not only addresses immediate needs but promises to enhance long-term client satisfaction. The driving force behind this project was a commitment to ensuring that Melbourne's essential rail service employees could seamlessly access their database while continuing to maintain the city's railway network.


This mobile office is a model of self-sufficiency, equipped with essential amenities that empower the Metro staff to work remotely without hindrance. Inside, are conveniences such as a fridge, a sink with hot water, a microwave, and well-appointed workstations, complete with an electronic whiteboard for productive on-site meetings.


But it doesn't stop there; the caravan also includes two toilets and a generator that ensures uninterrupted power supply when needed most. During its inaugural week of use, the caravan proved itself a resounding success, minimising disruptions and maximising efficiency.


Shepherd Mombeshora, Fleet Manager at Metro Trains, speaks highly of this collaboration with Interleasing. He commends the diligent oversight provided by Terry Koutsouras, Manager Commercial Vehicles, who managed the project from its inception to its timely completion.


Mombeshora reflects, "It has been an absolute delight to successfully accomplish such an outstanding project alongside the Interleasing Commercial team. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Terry for his unwavering commitment to this endeavor, which not only improved the work environment for our team but also resulted in substantial cost savings for our infrastructure division."


The positive impact of this endeavor is poised to expand further, as the imminent delivery of a second caravan promises to uphold the same standards of excellence that marked the first. Interleasing's commitment to innovation and client satisfaction continues to drive positive change in the world of fleet management further establishing Interleasing as the experts you can rely on and making a difference to the lives of our clients and their customers.

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Published Tue, 10/10/2023 - 09:15

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