Empowering Electric Vehicle Adoption

Our salary packaging brands, Maxxia and RemServ, are at the forefront of the novated leasing electric vehicle domain. Following the Electric Car (EV) Discount legislation, our partnership with JET Charge has encouraged take-up of low and zero-emission vehicles. Acknowledging the home-charging apprehension among potential EV adopters, our GRS brands have teamed up with JET Charge, a prominent home-charging products and services provider. This strategic alliance enhances our support for customers transitioning to EVs through novated leasing. JET Charge's cutting-edge charging system surpasses the efficiency of standard wall-socket chargers, boasting up to 10 times faster charging. Customers enjoy flexibility with two purchase options – owning a charging unit outright or opting for a monthly hire. 


Upon acceptance of the proposal, customers receive a communication outlining the partnership and offer, accompanied by an informative flyer. A link to JET Charge's landing page facilitates seamless sign-up. Since the May 2023 launch, roughly 20% of JET Charge's inquiries have resulted in the installation of a home-charging solution, illustrating the impactful strides towards a greener automotive landscape.

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Published Sun, 05/11/2023 - 23:26

  • Novated Leasing