Embracing the Return to Office: Tom Bagley's Unique Pandemic Journey

As the world continues to recalibrate after a prolonged period of remote and hybrid work, the experience of working from home during the pandemic has been diverse. While many of us adjusted to the new normal of virtual interactions, spare a thought for those teammates who navigated through the lockdown without a single day of remote work – like Tom Bagley, a remarkable member of our MMS team.


With an impressive tenure of 11 years, Tom stands as a proud fixture of MMS. His role as the primary receptionist at RemServ’s Brisbane office and his essential worker status during the pandemic made his journey a distinctive one. "Being an essential worker and requiring access to the mailroom and office when things first began, I still came in each day," Tom recalls.


The quietude of the city during lockdown stands out in Tom's memory. "It was a strange time, especially with the city being so quiet for so long," he reflects. Tasked as the go-to contact for in-office activities, Tom's responsibilities grew immensely. Despite the challenges, he found the experience rewarding, emphasising that "Everyone likes to feel useful."


With colleagues now back in the office, Tom has been enjoying old vibe once more. Shortly after the return to office Tom said, "I’m loving having more friendly faces to see and talk to each day, connecting with staff I haven’t seen for a long time, and meeting some people face to face for the first time ever!" 


Tom recognises that longer lines at the office café are a small trade-off for the joy of frequent interactions with the dynamic MMS team. His sentiment captures the essence of being part of a vibrant workplace community.


In a world that has witnessed transformation on multiple fronts, Tom's steadfast presence throughout the pandemic exemplifies dedication and resilience. As colleagues reconvene and the hum of daily office life resumes, Tom's experience offers a unique lens through which we can appreciate the value of in-person connections.


So, next time you step into the Brisbane office, don't forget to say hello to Tom – a dedicated member of the RemServ team who remained a steady anchor during the ebb and flow of uncertain times.

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Published Tue, 10/10/2023 - 09:11

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