Celebrating Dedication and Growth: Honouring 25 Years of Commitment and Evolution at MMS

MMS is built upon the dedication and contributions of our incredible team members. Among them, Lesley Corevski and Karen Javni stand out as shining examples of loyalty and growth, each recently marking an impressive 25 years with the company.

Lesley Corevski's journey with MMS began when she joined McMillan Shakespeare Australia (MSA), as it was known then, navigating a world without today's digital conveniences. She recalls the transition from nineties era business systems like as marking significant milestones in her career. Lesley's roles have evolved across various domains, from accounts to payroll, showcasing her adaptability and continuous learning. She attributes her tenure to the company's people and the diverse challenges she has embraced, all while watching her colleagues and the organisation flourish.

Karen Javni's story commenced in 1996 when she joined a team of 12 at McMillan Shakespeare which at the time was a small family-owned business. She witnessed the company's transformative journey from its humble beginnings to becoming an ASX-listed entity. Karen's roles have spanned Account Manager, Team Leader, Business Analyst, Workforce Planner, and beyond. The opportunities for growth and the lasting friendships she has cultivated have kept her engaged and dedicated. Through the years, Karen has been an integral part of MMS's social fabric, from Friday night drinks in Fitzroy to contributing to the festivities of the MMS Christmas Party Committee.

Celebrating milestones like Lesley’s and Karen's 25-year anniversaries underscores MMS's commitment to fostering a culture of growth and camaraderie. Their remarkable journeys symbolise the company's evolution and the countless stories that contribute to the fabric of our organisation.

 As MMS continues along its transformational path, these stories remind us that while change is inevitable, the bonds we forge and the shared successes we celebrate are enduring.

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Published Tue, 10/10/2023 - 07:31

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